Frank, a god for dinner

Ao fundo, o mundo atual com suas contradições, guerras, crises e excessos. À frente, um bando, que prestes a colapsar, voa na busca por instantes e epifanias que possam revelar possíveis utopias. Um espetáculo assombrado por fragmentos da história e por feridas ainda abertas que precisam ser tocadas melodicamente. Toques singelos e grotescos em harmonia […]


Misanthrofreak is a multimedia and performative play by Grupo Desvio, which deals with themes of failure, error, and the struggle of making decisions, in a poetic and pathetic way. It follows a character as he tries, through the tension of his memories and ideas, to tell his story to the audience. His frustrations in not […]


The project 2 + 2 = 2 was born after an invitation by Akhmeteli Theatre from Tbilisi, Georgia, to the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Fischer to direct the new theater production from Akhmeteli. The show, which was co-produced by Cena Contemporânea – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasília, had the premiere in Tbilisi on March 7  […]

The Losers

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The Losers tells the story of four friends who meet after an apparent tragedy. Rekindling their memories, they make a journey to what really matters. Failure: isn’t it just a matter of point of view? In addition to the text, digital projections and live music performed by […]