Rodrigo Fischer also develops projects that seek to integration of light, videos, cameras and new technologies in remote and live productions. In the last five years, he has been working with productions that aim to integrate this perspective. He also has worked as technical director at the theater The Tank in New York City, in which he was in charge of supervising not only the technical aspects in the theater, but also the technical aspects of the digital productions.

His interest in the technical and technological environment started in 2001 when he did a technical course in light design at NAC – Art and Culture Center in Brasília. Since then, Fischer has been designing the lights for all his projects with the theatrical group called Desvio. He has designed the lights for projects he has directed such as The other’s shadow, Misanthrofreak, The Losers, Eutro, Beckett as Avessas and Short Existence.

In 2013 he started to study the appropriation of new technologies onstage when he was doing his P.h.d to discuss correlations between theatre and film. In his first experience, a partnership with the video designer Fernando Gutiérrez, he integrated video mapping and live câmeras to tell the story of the poet Anne Sexton. In the same year, Fischer also created a project called Misanthrofreak, which is the foundation of his work in integrating light and new technologies.