About Rodrigo Fischer

Rodrigo Fischer is a Brazilian artist and professor who has been working in performing arts for over 23 years as a theater director, video designer, and light designer. Founder of Grupo Desvio, he develops multidisciplinary projects crossing time-based media, visual arts, theater, and installation. Currently based in Brasília, Fischer’s works have been presented in theater festivals and academic congress in Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hong-Kong, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, and the United States.

Besides his background in theater, he develops projects and research based on the appropriation of audiovisual aesthetic and new media onstage; investigations about decolonized theater; improvisation, devised theatre and dramaturgy; and most of all, his creations are assembled through images, sounds, lights, objects, bodies, and space to create polyphonic performances.

“My conception is that we change the world when we change the way we experience the world. Therefore, we reinvent the world as we experience time-space from different perspectives.”

BFA (2006) and MFA (2009) focused on devised theatre at the University of Brasília (UnB), in his Ph.D. (2015) he analyzed the work of John Cassavetes to understand some connections between the theatrical and cinematographic aesthetic concluded at The Graduate Center, CUNY and UnB. In his first post-doctoral at the University of Brasília, the research was composed to think of what would be a polyphonic performance through the appropriation of new technologies onstage. In his second post-doctoral at NYU’s Performance Studies Department, supervised by Andre Lepecki, the investigation was about the agency among objects, bodies, sounds, light, space, and images to create an interdisciplinary project.


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