agency and real-time (de)composition

The project is conceived by Rodrigo Fischer with Grupo Desvio in collaboration with musicians, programmers, designers, filmmakers and visual artists to present creations that enhance their polyphonic and multidisciplinary aspect from the assemblage between images, sounds, light, objects, bodies, texts. and new technologies. The proposal is that the device created allows working with different narratives and aesthetic proposals. In other words, Devising Minos Worlds‘ project is a creative device that works mainly with the interaction of archival audiovisual material and live audiovisual production from the manipulation of cameras in real time and the composition with objects, bodies and other materialities. The proposal is to create narrative and sensorial compositions in real time through their interaction between old and new technologies. Currently, the device has cameras, microphones, lighting apparatus, objects and projectors that can be presented in theaters, galleries, alternative spaces and homes that allow the device to be mounted with equipment and projection screens. The device is also designed to be displayed remotely.

Devising Minos Worlds: agency and real-time (de)composition is a multidisciplinary project with an emphasis on the theatrical and audiovisual aspect, proposing a sensory-narrative experience. it is an intimate proposal crossed by a poetics that seeks new modes of existence from the agency among objects, bodies, miniatures, images, sounds, light and micro-narratives. Through a non-hierarchical perspective between people, animals, nature and things, the proposal is to think mainly about new modes of existence. The themes for the creations can come either from specific proposals from the contractor, which could be a Theater Festival or a specific production for instance, or from proposals prepared by Rodrigo Fischer and Grupo Desvio. The first creation of this device and which delimited the device itself was held in New York in 2021 with the presentation of the show Carnavalize the Matter: vibration, electricity and molecularity, presented at the TheaterLab theater in NYC and with the remote presentation at the Motus Imago Festival held in Aveiro, Portugal.

Carnavalize the Matter: vibration, electricity and molecularity

Carnivalize the Matter: vibration, electricity and molecularity is a multidisciplinary and alchemical artistic experiment that seeks to decompose and de-represent images, sounds, texts and things as a way of experiencing their vibrations.

A scientist-demiurge-alchemist investigates the constitution of matter in his laboratory. Does matter think? Do things speak? Does a damaged fan have a soul? The purpose of this laboratory is to subvert relationships between body and thing or creator and creature, giving way to the insignificance and uselessness of things from their (de)composition. Let’s listen to the soul vibration of things.

The project is part of the device Devising minor worlds: agency and real-time (de)composition, created by Grupo Desvio and Rodrigo Fischer from Brasília-Brazil. It is a real-time creation device that proposes to investigate the ontology of objects and nature, moving human subjectivity from the center to the margins. A device (de)composed of countless objects, cameras, lights, microphones, technologies, uselessness and rubbish. The project is not interested in what things represent, but in what they evoke through their form and assemblage.

Production: Grupo Desvio

Direction, lighting and performance: Rodrigo Fischer

Dramaturgy and assistant director: Gil Roberto

Artistic direction, graphic and object design: Yasmin Santana

Costumes and props: Patricia Marjorie

Video design: Brent Felker

Sound design: Marcio Monteiro

Production and marketing: Gio Mielle