Devising minor worlds: agency and real-time (de)composition

The project  is going to be written, directed and performed by Rodrigo Fischer in a collaboration with musicians, programmers, designers, filmmakers, and visual artists to create a polyphonic and multidisciplinary piece through the agency (assemblage) among images, sounds, objects, bodies, and new technologies.  Considering the artist Rodrigo Fischer has a background in time-based media, theatre, and technology, the main idea is to create a framework in which he can make compositions in real-time through his interaction with technology that allows him to control lights, sound, camera, and projection. With this framework created, the idea is to develop the project so the artists can create different narratives in real-time. Even though the device has been created to be performed mainly for micro audiences, therefore, to be presented in houses, galleries, and tents, the structure has also been reframed to also be presented in conventional theaters.