The Losers

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The Losers tells the story of four friends who meet after an apparent tragedy. Rekindling their memories, they make a journey to what really matters. Failure: isn’t it just a matter of point of view? In addition to the text, digital projections and live music performed by the actors help provoke discussions between multiple times and spaces. What is the role of man in this story?

The Losers, directed by Rodrigo Fischer, addresses the male universe in a poetic and unusual way. Four friends pass by personal dreams and memories confronting their existential dilemmas, touching on universal themes like childhood, friendship, death, time and memory. The failure, mentioned in the title, sounds like a provocation that is reframed by each new fragmented point of view, mixing our missteps with the poetry of shared affections and desires facing the transience of life.

Director: Rodrigo Fischer

Dramaturgy: Gil Roberto

Cast: César Lignelli, Fernando Gutiérrez, Gil Roberto and Márcio Minervino

Costume design: Eduardo Barón

Set design: Ricardo Baseggio

Music: César Lignelli

Video designer: Fernando Gutiérrez

Video makers: Adriano Kakazu e Adriano Roza

Editing: Adriano Roza

Light: Rodrigo Fischer

Photos: Diego Bresani

Production: Grupo Desvio

Graphic design: Isabella Veloso

                                           PROJECT                             PRESS

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foto diego bresani_os fracassados_apresentacao_ 15112015_DSC_8640

foto diego bresani_os fracassados_apresentacao_ 15112015_DSC_8456

foto diego bresani_os fracassados_apresentacao_ 15112015_DSC_8675

Fotografias de Diego Bresani

Os Fracassados (2015) from Rodrigo Fischer on Vimeo.