Foto 2+2=2, foto Rodrigo Fischer.9The project 2 + 2 = 2 was born after an invitation by Akhmeteli Theatre from Tbilisi, Georgia, to the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Fischer to direct the new theater production from Akhmeteli. The show, which was co-produced by Cena Contemporânea – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasília, had the premiere in Tbilisi on March 7  of 2015, with unanimous critical and audience acclaim, being considered the best work of recent years in Georgia.

The result is a work that combines a performative drama of personal testimonials from actors with fictional tracks conducted by the dramaturgy of Irakli Kakabdze; the contrast of traditional polyphonic Georgian music coupled with contemporary rock; ownership in the audiovisual scene and its possible multiplications scenic; and a seemingly absurd question, when the actor-character Gigi questions his identity and decides to become a cat. The performance 2 + 2 = 2 is made from a performative play between the actors and the audience, which in the course of his own view determines his fictional layers. The game, set by means of tension between reality and fiction, begins with a disagreement between the traditional side against the other side more contemporary. This quarrel then begins to contaminate relations between the actors subtly build a fictional game.

Director: Rodrigo Fischer

Cast: Andria Gvelesiani, Sophia Sebiskveradze, Gigi Migriauli e Giorgi Tskhadadze

Production: Akhmeteli Theater

Coproduction: Cena Contemporânea – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasília

Dramaturgy: Antonin Marto em processo colaborativo com atores e diretor

Set and costume design: Marika Kvachadze

Assistant: Andria Gvelesiani

Video Designer: Fernando Gutiérrez e Rodrigo Fischer

Light Design: Rodrigo Fischer

Sound: Andria Gvelesiani e Giorgi Tskhadadze

Video makers: Archill Kukhianidze e Rodrigo Fischer

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