The other’s shadow

Inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel Notes from the undergroundThe other’s shadow is a multidisciplinary and polyphonic project that spans performance, video-installation, visual art, and time-based media to talk about objects, images, people, landscapes and architectures that are no longer useful. What is valuable? What is useless? What is art? What is rubbish? What is a reality and what is fiction? What is success and what is a failure? The project aims to discuss ideas between these counterpoints and to directly affect the city and its structure, in order to assign the underground concept in each specific city. The purpose is to give visibility to bodies, objects, images, sounds and architectures that are invisible, discarded, displaced, oppressed, unused and that have lost their social, utilitarian or aesthetic value.

The creation was firstly developed in New York City through the postdoctoral research at NYU’s Performance Studies Department supervised by Andre Lepecki in 2018. Having New York City as a subject, the work in progress was presented at the Dixon Place and at the Greenkill in Kingston. Currently, the project is looking for institutions, partnerships, grants, co-productions or even artistic residencies from cities all over the world interested to create specific versions of The other’s shadow. 

Director and performer: Rodrigo Fischer

Art director (New York City’s version): Yasmin Santana

Filmmaker (New York City’s version): Peter Azen

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