The performativity in the creative process of John Cassavetes and its contributions for theater acting

This workshop was developed from Rodrigo Fischer P.h.D’s dissertation called “A poetic approach between cinema and theater: reflections about the presence and the scenic performance in the work of John Cassavetes”. The proposal is a reflection about the contributions that the filmmaker John Cassavetes brings to the work of the actor in the contemporary cinematography. Assuming that his background as an actor and his autobiographical experience intensifies his procedure as a stage director, this workshop aims to think about the actor’s work through the encounter between the cinema and the concept of performativity.

What are John Cassavetes’ contributions to the work of an actor in contemporary film and theater? Do Cassavetes’ principles apply only to the film actor? How does his work relate or differentiate itself from the method developed at Actors Studio? What are the technics and the procedure used by him on the preparation of his actors? What defines an image as photogenic? What’s the importance of the actor’s body in film, regardless of its representation? While looking for answers to those questions, this workshop’s goal is to identify the contributions to the actor’s work in contemporary theater and film. Although theater and film are different forms of expression, they intertwine in Cassavetes’ films when considering the actor’s work. That being said, the proposal aims is to find in John Cassavetes’ poetic possibilities to represent the actor’s work aligned with the perspectives of the Performative Theater.