About Rodrigo Fischer

Rodrigo Fischer is a Brazilian artist and professor who has been working in performing arts for over 20 years as a theater and film director, performer and light designer. He develops interdisciplinary and multimedia projects crossing time-based media, performance, theater, and installation. Fischer’ works have been performed and presented in theater festivals, and academic congress in Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hong-Kong, Spain, Tunisia and the United States.

Besides his background in theater, he develops projects and research based on the appropriation of audiovisual aesthetic and new media onstage; investigations about decolonized theater, experimentation focused on the performer’s body; and the agency among images, sounds, lights, objects, bodies, and space to create polyphonic performances.

Bachelor and Masters in performing arts at the University of Brasília. In his Ph.D. at the University of Brasília and at The Graduate Center – CUNY, he analyzed the work of John Cassavetes to understand some connections between the theatrical and cinematographic aesthetic. In his first post-doctoral at the University of Brasília, the research was composed to think of what would be a polyphonic performance through the appropriation of new technologies onstage. In his second post-doctoral at NYU’s Performance Studies Department, supervised by Andre Lepecki, the investigation was about the agency among objects, bodies, sounds, light, space, and images to create a time-based media.

For the past eighteen years, he has directed the Grupo Desvio to develop performances, techniques and experimentations mainly focused on the actor craft and his autonomy in the creative process, resulting pieces such as: Pequena Existência (2002), Beckett às Avessas (2004), Eutro (2008), Misanthrofreak (2013), The Losers (2015) and The Other’s shadow (2018). The productions of Grupo Desvio was essentially created in Brasília, but Misanthrofreak and The Other’s shadow was conceived and presented in New York City in a coproduction with 3 Legged Dog, Gemini Hill, and Dixon Place. Fischer has also been working with International Theaters, where he is invited to direct local actors as he did with the Georgian group Akhmeteli Theater, which resulted in the performance 2+2=2.

An actor since 1995, he has worked with important names of Brazilian theater including Antônio Abujamra, Hugo Rodas, and Domingos de Oliveira. In the world of cinema, he did three features productions as a leading actor: At the wrong place (2012); Love never ends (2013); and The last breath (2016).

Since 2008, when he finished his Masters, he has been teaching theory and practice courses to undergraduate and graduate students, particularly focused on acting, directing, performance studies, light design and new technologies onstage. He has also participated in several Theater International Congress and published in national and international papers.

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